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Kuwa OS v0.2.0-beta Released

· 4 min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

This version does not include the TAIDE model itself, and a version pre-loaded with the TAIDE model is expected to be released after the TAIDE model is publicly available.

Hello to our community friends,

After collecting everyone's feedback, we plan to roll out the long-awaited RAG feature in v0.2.0. The RAG part has been internally tested, so we are releasing v0.2.0-beta to invite everyone to test it out and see if it meets your expectations.
In addition, this update also provides a way to connect with TAIDE API and TAIDE models.
At the same time, we have also adjusted the system installation script and fixed some known bugs, making the entire system more stable, easier to extend, and easier to use.
If you have any suggestions or if you think there is room for improvement, please let us know!

The details of this update are as follows:

Windows Portable Edition

  1. Adjust the model hosting method:
    • Enable Gemini Pro and ChatGPT APIs by default
    • Use Gemini Pro by default to launch RAG applications for WebQA and Document QA
  2. Deprecate env.bat and use run.bat to launch the executor instead
  3. Enhance executor functionality:
    • Allow direct configuration of execution instructions, parameters, and other information
    • Adjust init.bat to be a simple tool to help create run.bat. Users can also directly write run.bat to launch the required model
  4. Fix the error of a non-existent PHP download link in v0.1.0 (archived due to version update)
  5. Integrate RAG into the simplified launch framework of the Windows version
  6. Specify file path improvements:
    • In the executors folder of the Windows version, files will be specified using relative paths by default
  7. Fix the executor error of the Custom category
  8. Permission adjustment:
    • Only groups with Manage Tab permission can be directly assigned permission to use the model when the model is added
  9. Fix the issue in the Windows version where Redis uses localhost as the IP, causing DNS queries to be delayed by 2 seconds each time

Docker Edition

  1. Integrate RAG (Document QA / Web QA / DB QA) into the executor's Docker image and compose the system
  2. Provide a compose example of Gemini Pro using a global API key
  3. Complete the missing words in the document


  1. Provide a TAIDE API executor, which can be directly connected to the TAIDE API of TECO
  2. Port RAG executor (Document QA / Web QA / DB QA / Search QA) to the new framework
  3. Let the RAG executor support automatic model search, i18n, and interrupt generation


  1. Provide an API to list currently available executors


  1. Adjust the timeout waiting time for the no-message state:
    • Extend from 1 minute to 2 minutes to accommodate the waiting time for the RAG processing speed gap
  2. Fix the bug of AdminSeeder:
    • Fix the issue of granting duplicate model usage permissions
  3. Add the function of sending Kuwa tokens from the website to the executor:
    • To fix the past issue of unowned API tokens for RAG
  4. Add a method to adjust the default model image path:
    • Can be configured via LLM_DEFAULT_IMG in the .env file
  5. Fix the bug that the API in v0.1.0 could not be used normally

Known Issues and Limitations

  1. At present, the Windows version of Document QA can process files in .doc and .docx formats. However, due to library dependency issues, it may not be able to read certain .pdf files. If such a need arises, please consider utilizing the Linux version of Kuwa for PDF processing.
  2. RAG applications tend to generate long input. If only using the CPU-based version of the on-premises model, timeout errors can occur more easily. In this case, we recommend either using the cloud-based model, or using the GPU-based version of the on-premises model, and then using the RAG application.