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Kuwa TAIDE v0.2.0 Released

· 2 min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

Hello friends,

The TAIDE model was released today, and we are happy to release a customized Kuwa system for Windows that has the built-in TAIDE LX 7B Chat 4bit model.


Download link for the kuwa-taide-v0.2.0 single executable file:
kuwa-taide-v0.2.0 documentation:

This customized system is a self-extracting single executable file, and the TAIDE model is built-in as the default local model option, and it can be run in both CPU and GPU environments, allowing everyone to quickly and easily experience the effects of the TAIDE model and perform GenAI-related applications.

In addition, this system is customized based on the previously released v0.2.0-beta, so you can also use the TAIDE model for RAG applications. However, it is important to note that RAG will generate longer input, so it is recommended to use the GPU version for inference.

The Kuwa system and TAIDE model are still under development and improvement, so it is inevitable that they will be unstable. The content generated by this system is for reference only and does not guarantee its correctness. Users still need to verify it; please do not publish inappropriate dialogue content to avoid unexpected problems.

TAIDE official website:
Kuwa official website: