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Kuwa TAIDE v0.2.1 Released

· One min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

Hello everyone,

The TAIDE model released the Llama3-TAIDE-LX-8B-Chat-Alpha1 version today. Friends who use the Kuwa TAIDE version only need to update to the latest v0.2.1 version to experience the latest version of the TAIDE model. In addition to updating the TAIDE model, this version also expands the support for local models and fixes some minor problems, hoping to provide everyone with a better user experience.


Download link for kuwa-taide-v0.2.1 single executable file:

The detailed update content is as follows:

  1. Integrate GPU and CPU versions
  2. Fix the line break bug when exporting chat records
  3. Fix the text display error of the copy button
  4. Fix the chat record disappearing bug caused by incorrect group chat sorting
  5. HuggingFace executor adds support for various new on-premise models recently launched by vendors such as Apple and Microsoft

Manual model update tutorial:
Llama3-TAIDE-LX-8B-Chat-Alpha1 release post: TAIDE Official Facebook Page Post
Kuwa official website: