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Kuwa v0.3.0 Released

· 2 min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

Hello everyone, after receiving feedback and suggestions from the community, we have launched the official version of kuwa-v0.3.0 to better meet your needs.

The main differences from the previous version, kuwa-v0.2.1, are the addition and enhancement of features such as Bot, Store, RAG toolchain, and system updates, as well as a new chat and group chat integration interface:

  1. Bot allows users to create Bot applications with no code, and can adjust System prompt, preset chat records, User prompt prefixes and suffixes to implement different functions such as role playing, executing specific tasks, or using Ollama model files to build more powerful applications;
  2. Store allows users to build and maintain their own shared Bot application store, and users can also share Bots;
  3. RAG toolchain allows users to create their own vector databases by simply dragging and dropping local file folders, and then use the existing DBQA function to perform Q&A;
  4. The new integrated interface not only directly supports group chats and single-model chats, it can also import Prompt Sets or upload files at any time, and can also be used for related RAGs;
  5. Windows version adds SearchQA, which can be used to organize website Q&A by connecting to Google search;
  6. Added Docker startup script to simplify Docker startup;
  7. Executor can be directly connected to Ollama to use the models and applications supported by Ollama;
  8. You can use update.bat to quickly update to the latest released version without re-downloading the .exe installer

kuwa-v0.3.0 Download information: kuwa-taide-v0.3.0 Single executable download link:

In addition, we also provide some Kuwa tutorial documents:

  1. DB QA/RAG Setup Tutorial:
  2. Bot Setup Tutorial:
  3. Docker Startup Tutorial:
  4. SearchQA Setup Tutorial:
  5. Gemini API Key Application Tutorial:

We welcome everyone to give feedback after experiencing it, and if you encounter any difficulties, please feel free to contact us through the community or other channels.

Kuwa official website: