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Kuwa v0.3.0-beta1 Released

· One min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

Hello, friends of the community,

As planned, we have launched the kuwa-v0.3.0-beta1 version for you to experience in advance 😁


kuwa-v0.3.0-beta1 download info:
kuwa-taide-v0.3.0-beta1 single executable download link:

This version mainly adds new functions such as Bot, Store, RAG toolchain, as well as new integrated chat and group chat interface:

  1. Bot allows users to create Bot applications without code, and the System prompt can be adjusted to achieve different functions such as role-playing and performing specific tasks. The model supports partial Ollama model file settings;
  2. Store allows users to independently build and maintain a shared Bot application store, and users can also share the Bot;
  3. RAG toolchain allows users to create vector databases of local documents, and then perform Q&A through the existing DBQA function;
  4. The new integrated interface not only directly supports group chat and single-model chat, but also allows you to import Prompt Sets or upload files at any time, and can also be used for related RAGs.

Welcome to experience it and give us feedback. If you encounter any difficulties, please feel free to contact us 😁

Kuwa official website: