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Kuwa v0.3.2 Released

· 2 min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

Feature Updates

  1. Customized Bot Permissions: Configure the Bot's readable and executable permissions at system, community, group, and individual levels
  2. Customized Upload File Policy: Admin can set maximum upload file size and allowed file types
  3. Tool Samples: Added samples for Copycat, token counter, etc.
  4. Pre-defined Model Profiles: Provided profiles for LLaVA and other fine-tuned models
  5. UX Optimization: Beautified icons and chat lists
  6. Updated Default Models: ChatGPT Executor is connected to GPT-4o by default, Gemini Executor is connected to Gemini 1.5 pro by default

Bug Fixes

  1. File name with whitespace parsing issue when uploading
  2. Language is not saved after logout
  3. Dependency issue of Llamacpp Executor
  4. Color and line breaks not supported in Windows version logs
  5. The first message in the group chat is always sent even using multi-chat single-turn Q&A
  6. Windows version DocQA default parameters may exceed the context window

New Tutorials

Customizing RAG Parameters Tutorial:
Customizing Tool Tutorial:


kuwa-v0.3.1 Download information:
kuwa-v0.3.1 Single executable download link:


Known issue: In v0.3.2 Windows version, the tee.bat file in the GenAI OS\windows\src directory is mistakenly detected as a virus by Microsoft Defender and quarantined, causing Kuwa to crash when opened.
Solution: Refer to this document to restore the file and reopen Kuwa after it has been restored.

Welcome to provide feedback after experience. Please contact us via the community or other channels if you encounter any issues.

Kuwa Official Website:
Kuwa Introduction: