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Kuwa GenAI OS

An open, free, secure, and privacy-focused Generative-AI Orchestrating System,
including user-friendly WebUI for LLMs, and novel GenAI kernel to support AI-powered applications


  1. 🌐 Multi-lingual turnkey solution for GenAI development and deployment on Linux and Windows
  2. 💬 Concurrent multi-chat, quoting, full prompt-list import/export/share and more for users
  3. 🔄 Flexible orchestration of prompts x RAGs x bots x models x hardware/GPUs
  4. 💻 Heterogeneous supports from virtual hosts, laptops, PCs, edge servers to cloud
  5. 🔓 Open source, allowing developers to contribute and customize the system according to their needs

Quick Start

For Linux users, please refer to the Linux installation guide
For Windows users, please refer to the Windows portable installation guide

After installation, please refer to the User Manual for further instructions.



This draft is preliminary and subject to further changes.

Architecture draft of the Kuwa OS


Many thanks to Taiwan NSTC TAIDE project and AI Academy for their early supports to this project.



  1. Demo video Demo video

  2. Demo prompts (Traditional Chinese). These prompts can be easily evaluated by the import functionality.