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Introducing Kuwa GenAI OS

Β· 2 min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

Hi, humans! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Kuwa! πŸ€–

Kuwa GenAI OS is an open, free, secure, and privacy-focused Generative-AI orchestrating system,
including user-friendly WebUI for LLMs, and a novel GenAI kernel to support AI-powered applications.

The main features are as follows:

  1. 🌐 Multi-lingual turnkey solution for GenAI development and deployment on Linux and Windows
  2. πŸ’¬ Concurrent multi-chat, quoting, full prompt-list import/export/share, and more for users
  3. πŸ”„ Flexible orchestration of prompts x RAGs x bots x models x hardware/GPUs
  4. πŸ’» Heterogeneous supports from virtual hosts, laptops, PCs, and edge servers to cloud
  5. πŸ”“ Open source, allowing developers to contribute and customize the system according to their needs

The Kuwa system was developed with the support of Taiwan's Trustworthy AI Dialogue Engine (TAIDE) project and has been used as a demonstration and development testing platform for the TAIDE project, as well as in several domain-specific applications.

We are a team of students and alumni from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, hoping to provide everyone with their own AI development or service platform.
There is still much room for improvement in the Kuwa system, and we sincerely welcome you to join the Kuwa open-source community to participate in this open-source project πŸ™Œ. Let’s enter the new generation of GenAI together.

Official website: