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SearchQA Setup Tutorial

· 3 min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

v0.3.0 added SearchQA, leveraging Google search to provide solutions for organizational QnA.
This article will provide you steps on how to implement SearchQA.

Google API Key Application


Google search API currently has a daily free quota of 100 times, please use it with caution

  1. Go to Google Programmable Search Engine Create Page and fill in the following information to create a custom search engine
  1. Click "Customize" after creating a new search engine to copy the CSE ID (Custom Search Engine ID) and API key

  2. The Search engine ID can be found under the Overview section, remember this ID, and use CSE ID to represent it later

  3. Scroll down the page and go to Custom Search JSON API

  4. Click the "Get a Key" button to get the API key

  5. You can use an existing Google cloud project or create a new one

  6. Click SHOW KEY to display the API key, remember this key, it will be used later

Windows Tutorial

  1. Execute C:\kuwa\GenAI OS\windows\executors\SearchQA\init.bat, fill in the API key and CSE ID you just applied for,
    If you want to limit the search results to certain domains, you can fill in restricted sites; if there are multiple domains, please separate them with a semicolon (;)

  2. Restart Kuwa, or go back to the command line of Kuwa GenAI OS, enter the command "reload" to reload all Executors

  3. You can see SearchQA after reloading, which can be used to answer questions based on information on the Internet

Docker Tutorial

  1. Please refer to docker/compose/searchqa.yaml to create the SearchQA Executor.
    Replace <YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY> and <YOUR_GOOGLE_CUSTOM_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID> with the API key and CSE ID applied in the previous stage,
    EXECUTOR_NAME can be changed to an easy-to-remember name.
    --restricted_sites can restrict search results to certain domains; if there are multiple domains, please separate them with semicolons (;).
    The --model parameter can be used to specify a model to answer. If the --model parameter is omitted, the first Executor online in the Kernel (excluding Executors with "-qa" prefixes or suffixes) will be used to answer.

    context: ../../
    dockerfile: docker/executor/Dockerfile
    image: kuwa-executor
    - kernel
    - multi-chat
    command: [
    "--api_base_url", "http://web/",
    "--model", "gemini-pro",
    "--google_api_key", "<YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY>",
    "--google_cse_id", "<YOUR_GOOGLE_CUSTOM_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID>",
    #"--restricted_sites", ";"
    - "localhost:host-gateway"
    restart: unless-stopped
    networks: ["backend", "frontend"]
  2. Add searchqa to the confs array of docker/ and then re-execute docker/ to start the SearchQA Executor