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How to upgrade Kuwa TAIDE model

· One min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

This post will guide you to upgrade Kuwa TAIDE’s built-in model from TAIDE-LX-7B-Chat-4bit to Llama3-TAIDE-LX-8B-Chat-Alpha1-4bit.

  1. Go to C:\kuwa\GenAI OS\windows\executors, and duplicate the 1_taide directory to 1_taide-8b. If you only need to run the new version of TAIDE model, you can delete the run.bat file in 1_taide.

  2. Download taide-8b-a.3-q4_k_m.gguf from the official TAIDE HuggingFace Hub to C:\kuwa\GenAI OS\windows\executors\1-taide_8b, and delete the original taide-7b-a.2-q4_k_m.gguf

  1. Run init.bat, and use the following settings:

    • Enter the option number (1-5): 3
    • Enter the model name: Llama3 TAIDE LX 8B Chat Alpha1 4bit
    • Enter the access code: taide-8b
    • Arguments to use (...): --stop "<|eot_id|>"
  2. Restart Kuwa GenAI OS and you should see the new version of TAIDE model

  3. You can use the multi-chat feature to compare the responses from two TAIDE models at the same time