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Kuwa v0.2.0 + Llama3 Setup (Windows, including TAIDE version)

· 3 min read
Yung-Hsiang Hu

Getting the Model

Method 1: Applying for Access on HuggingFace

  1. Log in to HuggingFace and go to to apply for access to the meta-llama/Meta-Llama-3-8B-Instruct model (approximately 1 hour for review)
  2. If you see the "You have been granted access to this model" message, it means you have obtained the model access, and you can download the model
  1. If you need to use a model that requires login, you need to set up the HuggingFace Token. If you are using a model that does not require login, you can skip this step Go to

    Enter your desired name

    Then, keep this token safe (do not share it with anyone)

  2. Next, go to the project directory's kuwa\GenAI OS\windows folder and execute tool.bat
    Enter the HF Token you just generated, and you can use the mouse right-click to paste it, but this input is invisible, so enter it and press Enter

    Enter n for the Git certificate part

    After that, you will see "Login successful" to indicate that the setting is successful.

Method 2: Direct Download from HuggingFace without Login

Setting up Kuwa

  1. Go to the kuwa\GenAI OS\windows\executors folder, which should have a huggingface subfolder by default, enter it, and open init.bat

    You need to enter the model path, which can be the location on HuggingFace, such as:
    Method 1: meta-llama/Meta-Llama-3-8B-Instruct
    Method 2: NousResearch/Meta-Llama-3-8B-Instruct

    • The image part will automatically find the image in the folder
    • Arguments to use: "--no_system_prompt" "--stop" "<|eot_id|>"; if you want to customize parameters, please refer to the README file in the executor folder
    • This will automatically create a run.bat file in the kuwa\GenAI OS\windows\executors\huggingface folder
  2. Go back to the project directory's kuwa\GenAI OS\windows folder and execute start.bat to automatically download and start the model.

  3. Note: The downloaded models will be stored in the .cache\huggingface\hub folder in the user directory, and if the space is insufficient, please clean up the model cache.

Using Kuwa

  1. Wait for the model to download and then log in to Kuwa to start chatting with Llama3
  2. Llama3 is set to prefer English, and you can use the "Translate this model's response" function to translate the model's response into Chinese
  3. You can use the group chat function to compare the responses of Llama3, Llama2, and TAIDE-LX-7B-Chat